Food Processing Sanitation Experts

Our Value Added Difference

You have a choice to make. You can buy safety and sanitation products from a generalist or you choose to do business with a food processing sanitation specialist. The typical generalist is a diversified conglomerate that sells everything from batteries to light bulbs to water pumps. Since they carry every product under the sun, it is impossible for them to provide knowledgeable advice on which products will solve your business problem. Conversely, a specialist focuses on understanding your business challenges and possesses the expertise to recommend specific products and the best practices surrounding their use.

Because of our specialization, we are able to provide you with a unique set of value added services:

It pays to work with food processing experts instead of a general supply house. We offer innovative ideas and best practices based upon our extensive experience. With this in mind, here are the Ten Questions to ask Your Sanitation and Safety Solutions Provider:

  1. What types of industries do you serve and what percentage of your business is with food processors?
  2. Specifically, what types of sanitation and safety solutions do you provide to food processing manufacturers?
  3. Are you familiar with HACCP practices for food processors?
  4. Do you have salespeople or do client interface with a certified food quality assurance sanitation specialist?
  5. Who are your other food processing companies you work with that manufacturer the same food as I do?
  6. Have you ever implemented a 5S program for a food manufacturer before?
  7. Can you provide HACCP program implementation best practices and specific examples of past experience?
  8. What experience do you have supporting a client’s SQF or BRC audit?
  9. Do you carry a full line of metal detectable and X-ray visible products?
  10. Do you provide the latest and greatest food processing sanitation and safety products?

We Know It’s all about Food Safety AND the Bottom Line

Our goal is to reduce waste and unnecessary expenses while maintaining the highest level of food safety. One of the easiest ways to reduce sanitation costs is through a consolidated supply agreement where you purchase all your products from AMERISAN like many of our clients chose to do. Using the right sanitation product, with the right quality, from the right provider, will reduce costs.

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