Food Processing Sanitation Experts

Food Processing Categories Served

We divide food processing into 7 different categories. Each of these categories are similar in that the products they produce are consumed by people and the products are subject to US Food and Drug Administration regulations. However, each category has very different challenges in respect to cleaning and sanitizing their processing plants. For example, a bakery experiences high level dusting where ceiling pipes, ducts and light fixtures accumulate airborne residue and particles from the manufacturing process. Conversely, a meat processing facility might experience water condensation dripping from ceiling pipes, ducts, and light fixtures. It requires completely different cleaning processes, hygiene tools and chemicals to sanitize these environments.

The Seven Food Processing Categories Amerisan Serves


You probably recognize and eat many of the foods our customers create. Our clients have processing plants all around the world. For example, we are the corporate suppler to Pepsi for all their color coded equipment. All Dreyer employees wear freezerwear we provided them. General Mills has implemented their 5S program using our shadow boards. Here are some of our clients across different product categories.

Baked Goods




Meat, Poultry, Seafood



Shelf Stable

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