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Using Color Visuals in Your Workspace

Creating a safe workplace is of utmost importance in a food processing plant. Color visuals offer a way of conveying powerful messages and can play a key role in creating a safe and efficient environment. Colors have been long standing best practice in food plants HACCP plans to support Food Safety efforts, but using color in all types of visual aids in production areas is also a best practice that is gaining traction quickly as there are many benefits.

Many Studies are show the clear benefits of Visual aids. Explaining benefits such as:

Background on how visuals & color works with the human brain:

Color plays a key role in taking in information that will allow us to survive in our natural environment. The human brain is wired to jump to conclusions. For example when you see a red sign, you most likely think danger or stop. Colors jump out more than words, helping you to make a faster decision on the task at hand. As a result, colors could be utilized in work settings to assist with information retention and visual aids to increase memory.

Using color to help with communication can simplify learning and helps individuals retain more information. With colored signs you can more efficiently:

Visuals that can be combined with colors and customized to your needs include:


5S Shadow Boards for Sanitation Tools / 5S Shadow Boards for Food Production

5S Shadow Boards for Food Production Equipment Change out Parts

5S Shadow Boards for Food Processing Equipment

5S Shadow Boards for Maintenance Tools

Custom Printed Spray Bottles

Handwash Visual Signs

One Point Lesson Signs

Color Code Signs


Custom GMP Signs

Custom Safety Signs

Custom Food Safety Signs

PPE Dispenser Signs / Kan Ban Custom Signs

Floor Markings



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