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We continually search the world for the most innovative food processing sanitation solutions that enable our clients to achieve their HACCP Compliance Goals. While this is critically important to our clients, we also believe there are two additional critical considerations when selecting your food safety and sanitation supplier:

1. How do they employ technology to improve order efficiency and eliminate out of stock situations?
2. Do they provide vendor managed inventory options?

Our Technical Difference: Online Ordering and Spend Analysis Management

Technology is a core part of our company philosophy. We use technology to personalize service, not to depersonalize it. Our online order system allows our customers to quickly access the information they need, enter orders, and offers complete financial measurement of all their sanitation expenses. We also provide a convenient “Order Pad” function where you will find your favorite items so you can easily reorder

Our Cost Difference: AMERISAN’S Client Assisted Inventory Program

AMERISAN’s Client Assisted Inventory (CAI) program is a smooth and seamless sanitation supplies replenishment solution for food processers. Our Quality Assurance Consultants monitor the client’s inventory levels on predetermined schedules and stock is automatically refilled without the customer having to initiate the purchase orders. This saves time, money, and avoids expensive rush ordering shipment charges. Approximately 80% of clients select AMERISAN’S CAI program. When clients consolidate all of their sanitation supply purchases and implement AMERISAN’s CAI program there is a 20% average cost reduction.

Program Benefits


Since AMERISAN offers over 50,000 different food safety and sanitation products you can be assured we will meet your every need. There are twelve basic categories of products:

Rather than try to show you all of the different products we provide, let us show what’s new and our most popular items


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