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Dairy companies such as Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt processors, face unique quality assurance challenges. Bacteria risk is a major concern and one of the biggest risks is Foreign Particle Contamination. With many processes being a closed in system, great care must be taken to eliminate foreign particles and proper sanitation of equipment is critical. Allergen Control is also a major risk highlighting the need for sufficient Food Surface Contamination Prevention. The FDA study concluded that 81% of Dairy producers were very concerned as to Deficient Employee Training. Eighty-one percent of survey participants were also very concerned about Biofilms.

The key to HAACP compliance for Dairy companies is a robust color code program, durability of the hygiene equipment and the quality of the cleaning chemicals. The bacteria counts have to be reduced or re-cleaning will be necessary. Lesser quality tools not only break but one bristle from a brush can contaminate an entire production run. Cleaning tools should be dedicated to their purpose and color coded to eliminate cross contamination. To ensure ultimate product Safety Metal Detectable items should replace production equipment and PPE that is non detectable. Today, metal detectability and x- ray visible cleaning tools and PPE are available to further eliminate accidental product contamination and demonstrate your due diligence in protecting their customers.

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