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BRC8 Compliant Breakage Kits and Procedures

BRC8 Compliant Breakage Kits and Procedures:


“The use of dedicated, clearly identifiable cleaning equipment (e.g. color coded) for removal of contained breakages, such equipment shall be stored separately from other cleaning equipment.”

“The use of dedicated, accessible, lidded waste containers for the collection of damaged containers and fragments.”


Amerisan Glass Breakage Kits:

Everything needed to deal with glass breakage quickly and efficiently all in one self-contained kit. Includes: 1 lobby pan with:

Glass/Brittle Plastic Breakage Procedure:

Using the BRC8 Compliant Kit in the event of a glass or brittle plastic breakage this procedure should be followed:


1.Cease all operations within 50 ft. radius of the breakage.

2.Cordon off 65 ft. radius from the breakage.

3.Ensure all contaminated personnel, footwear or clothing remains within cordoned area.

4.A responsible technical or quality personnel should be called to oversee clean-up.

5.Glass breakage incident kit should be brought to area.

6.The person(s) responsible for cleaning should put gloves on to avoid cutting themselves.

7.Staff that may be contaminated should remove overalls and have footwear brushed.

8.Staff should be checked before they are able to leave area.

9.Using the hand and crevice brush, all fragments of glass / brittle plastic should be swept up and placed inside the lobby pan to contain the breakage. Check in, on and beside all pieces of equipment.

10.When all glass/brittle plastic has been removed from the area, place all used utensils into the lobby pan and close the lid.

  1. Remove used equipment (brushes, cloth etc.) from factory. Discard all used items to waste and reorder replacements from Amerisan (kit product code: K80700). (Although some   cleaning equipment may be cleaned, best industry practice is to discard to avoid potential   glass / brittle plastic contamination).
  2. Whole cordoned area should be visually checked by a responsible member of the technical or quality team to ensure all fragments of glass / brittle plastic have been   removed. Once this is complete and confirmation that all glass / brittle plastic has been   removed, production can recommence.


For best practice, an incident report should be completed, the clean down verified and a small sample of the glass / brittle plastic attached to the incident report and stored. This facilitates examination against any future glass / brittle plastic complaints you might get to ensure contamination was not from the breakage incident.

Available in the 10 Standard Colors, Amerisan provides Liquid, Allergen, Solids, and Glass Clean Up Kits – All BRC8 Compliant!

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