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Benefits of 5S, Unique To The Food Industry

5S is more than a simple housekeeping initiative. 5S is a five-step process that transforms a traditional work site into a visual factory and lays the foundation for a Lean Enterprise System. It can benefit any organization and brings unique benefits to the food and beverage industry.

What is 5S?

Sort: Clear out, clean up, and identify needs for the immediate workspace.

Set in Order: Organize items, designate storage locations and define procedures for use.

Shine: Clean and maintain the areas appearance, and establish preventative maintenance.

Standardize: Set roles and responsibilities to ensure efficient process improvement.

Sustain: Maintain and reinforce involvement in achieving goals.

What are the benefits of 5S to the Food Industry?

How to visually help implement the 5S Initiative:

Shadow Boards! A custom made shadow board is a very key item in bringing 5S to reality.

With color coded tool shadows, PPE safety boards, and custom signs throughout your plant, your food processing plant will have increased organization and efficiency to reaching hygiene standards. Custom shadow boards can be ordered through your sales rep here at Amerisan.

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