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5 Ways to Improve Food Safety NOW

  1. Reduce contamination and bacteria spread with efficient hand washing All employees at the plant level must wash frequently and effectively using the proper procedure and equipment. To see our full-line of hand soaps and sanitizers click here.


  1. Color code for safety  As specified by food auditors and safety inspectors, it is highly important that cleaning equipment is color coded and kept in the areas specific for its use. For more information on plant safe color coded equipment click here.


  1. Use metal & x-ray detectable items A major foreign body risk involves materials accidentally falling into food or machinery and getting lost. Research has shown that metal and x-ray detectable items can significantly reduce this risk and maintain product integrity. To see our full line of metal and x-ray detectable items click here.


  1. When in doubt, Go BLUE Avoid food contamination by switching to high-visibility blue paper towels at your facility. This is a relatively simple step which can dramatically reduce risk.


  1. Ensure all cleaning materials are properly stored and segregated  The use of 5S Shadow Boards at food processing facilities has proven to greatly enhance food safety and improve operational efficiency on multiple levels.

To learn more about our how our custom-designed 5S Shadow Boards can benefit your facility click here.

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